Catherine Young, MFT


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Marriage and Family Therapist, license # MFC36431

Certified Hypnotherapist


What is a trance or hypnotic state?

A hypnotic state is a common, naturally occurring state of relaxation in which the conscious mind is relaxed so that the unconscious mind is easily accessed and is more receptive to suggestion.  We have all experienced this state when we have become completely absorbed in a book we are reading, feeling as though we were there; or when we find we have driven a significant period of time without any awareness of the the drive.  People often pass through a state of hypnosis as they fall asleep or wake up.  The hypnotic state is considered a non-ordinary state of reality in that it is not the state we most often inhabit (although some people will argue that people are always in a hypnotic state of one level or another). 

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the purposeful induction of a hypnotic state, after which suggestions can be offered to the unconscious mind, or issues can be explored using the creative power of the unconscious.

What is hypnotherapy?

Simply put, hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.  The therapeutic uses of hypnosis are endless.  The use of hypnotherapy allows us to access the powerful resources of the unconscious in addressing issues and can be an extremely effective and powerful tool. Hypnotherapy, as I practice it, is interactive between client and therapist.   There are a wide variety of techniques that can be used to explore and resolve issues while in a hypnotic state.  I always explain any hypnotic process and make sure the client is comfortable with the approach before proceeding.  The client is always free to give feedback or stop the process at any time, or to choose a different therapy modality.  My goal is to be effective, safe and respectful.    As always, my work with the client is a client centered, collaborative process.  Some of the issues I have addressed with clients using hypnotherapy include removing creative blocks, increasing intuitive awareness, anxiety and stress reduction, addressing trauma, past life issues, developing inner resources, stop smoking, weight reduction, and sleep improvement.

My Certification

I received my certification as a hypnotherapist through the HCH institute in Lafayette, a state approved school, where I  completed 200 hours of training in hypnotherapy. I additionally completed advanced courses in Past Life Regression and Ericksonian Hypnosis.


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